June 30, 2013

Travel / Madrid - More food!

The food is good in Spain, so we had lots of it. Here is a "small" selection of food photos =)

The photos above are taken while we were eating at Café & Tapas. My mother had a HUGE Ceasar salad and I had the Three pastas. Let me tell you, they were both delicious!

The photos above were taking while eating at Lateral. Which is a cute modern tapas bar and again, the food was amazingly good!

The above photos aren't the best, but I still wanted to show you guys all that amazing food. We didn't buy anything from here, because there was so much to choose from we didn't know what to get. So we settled for just looking =)

June 28, 2013

Diary / The sun, food and more

Whipped cream | Healthy food | Strawberry juice | Rice with veggies and chicken | Pretty pink flowers | The sun! | The Nightwatch | Sunset | More food | Me in the train | Pasta <3 | Cakepop | Ice cream | Yummy cookie | Three times breakfast | Me with curly hair | Suitcase | High Tea at The Ritz Madrid | Starbucks | Starbucks | Churros | Pretty building | Beautiful H&M building | Me in the sun! | Feet =) | Yummy salad | Strawberries & blueberries | Again, only with whipped cream | More food | Party.

June 26, 2013

Photography / Museum at home

When I'm on vacation I always go to a museum, because that's what you do when you're on vacation. But when I'm not on vacation I never go to a museum. Why not? So when my father called me and asked if I wanted to come along to The Rijksmuseum, I immediately said yes. I didn't regret my decision, as I really liked seeing all these amazing artworks. The library on the last photo! Incredible!
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