June 26, 2013

Photography / Museum at home

When I'm on vacation I always go to a museum, because that's what you do when you're on vacation. But when I'm not on vacation I never go to a museum. Why not? So when my father called me and asked if I wanted to come along to The Rijksmuseum, I immediately said yes. I didn't regret my decision, as I really liked seeing all these amazing artworks. The library on the last photo! Incredible!

June 24, 2013

Travel / Madrid - Mercado de San Miguel

One of my favourite places in Madrid was the Mercado de San Miguel. A huge inside market, where you can not only buy your food, but also where you can eat it. During lunch and dinner time it's crazy busy, which is also the most fun time to experience this craziness. You can get anything from meat, to bear, to iced tea, to fruits, to pastas, to some accessories like scarf's and books. During our stay in Madrid we went here a few times and we loved it. Definitely a place you should visit when you're in Madrid.

June 20, 2013

Travel / Madrid - Chocolaterie San Gines

One of the things you must do while you're in Madrid (or Spain in general) is eat some churros. I remember them being served with sugar, but apparently you're supposed to eat them with hot chocolate. Chocolaterie San Gines was said to be the best place to eat churros. So as soon as the taxi driver brought us to our hotel and we dropped our luggage in our room, we went of to find this place. Which was pretty easy. San Gines is located in a small street, in a yellow coloured building. The outside area was packed, but we managed to get a table inside (a lot of the people inside left, as you can see on the photo, leaving the shop pretty quiet). The churros tasted really good, but I have to say that I prefer them served with sugar instead of hot chocolate.

June 17, 2013

Home / Some greens (and other colours)

I showed you this candle holder before, but this time I decided to use it as a vase for a plant. I love to ad some greens (and other colours) to my room. My rooms is mainly black and white, so this definitely gives it a bit of colour.

June 14, 2013

Travel / Madrid: Hotel Liabeny ****

My mother and I just got back from our trip to Madrid. We had a great time and this is the first post which is about the hotel we stayed at. Keep checking justAimee for more posts about Madrid.

After a lot of research my mother and I decided to stay at this hotel while we were in Madrid. Hotel Liabeny is a four star hotel, but very reasonable priced. The brown colours in the hotel make the hotel seem old, but it's all very clean and in good condition. There is a breakfast buffet, which costs €15,- per day, and has a big selection of food to choose from.

The rooms are quite spacious. There is a little hallway with a large closet (which has a huge mirror on it), a save and a mini bar. There is the bedroom witch two beds and also has a desk, dresser, a television and a lounge chair. Last but not least the bathroom which has a shower/bad and a huge mirror.

The hotel is in the middle of the city centre and all the shopping streets, squares and other touristy things are close by. There are two metro / subway station close by, but walking is a good option as well. The taxi stand is also really close by. Even though this hotel is in the middle of the city centre close to everything, it's located next to a quiet square.


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