August 3, 2013

Favourites / July

I've been drinking so much water lately, probably because of the heat. Water and some ice, I love it!

Also because of the good weather, we've been BBQ-ing a lot in july.  Lots of fruit, veggies and some meat. Eating outside in the garden <3

On my recent trip to Paris I bought the Bioderma cleanser. I've been using it since I've been back from Paris and I love it. It does a great job in taking your make up of, but it's really gentle. 

Paris <3

I've been loving this eyeshadow combo, Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on bronze and on top of that YDK from Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette. 

I've been loving fruit recently, with this hot weather there is nothing I rather eat than fruit =)


  1. amazing pictures <3 your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. I picked up some bioderma whilst I was in France and I love it! I also love the naked 2 palette and colour tattoo, so good! So jealous of you going to Paris, I've always wanted to go! :( Rachel xxx


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