September 2, 2013

Fashion / Primark haul

I wanted some new pyjama pants, so off course I went to Primark. The first two are shorts and came with the tank tops shown on the next photo (€7,- each). The one on the bottom is a long pj bottom (€8,-).

I was looking for a light summer dress and this one was really pretty. I really like the colour, the print and the material is really thin, so great for hot summer days (€11,-).

I'm always on the hunt for cute socks and how amazing are the pink leopard ones. They're so wrong, but so cute at the same time. So I got a 3-pack (€2,50) and a 5-pack (€3,50).

Last but not least I decided to get some cotton pads (€1,-) and a hair-donut (€1,50).

I love shopping at Primark! What are your recent buys from Primark?
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