September 13, 2013

Travel tricks / Top 10 must haves on long flights

I love to travel and I'm a huge planner, so I thought it was only fair to share some of my tricks for all things travelling. This time: Top 10 must haves on long flights.

I'm always bringing an extra pair of socks. Usually big, fluffy socks that are really comfortable. So as soon as the plane is in the air, I take my shoes of and put on my extra pair of socks. 
Even though it can be very hot where you're leaving from, inside the airplane it gets really cold during the flight, so I always bring a cardigan and/or a scarf to keep me warm. A big scarf is also really great to use as kind of a blanket while you sleep. 
I take my music everywhere, so also during a long flight. I really like to take my big headphones that cancel out the noise more than the small ones.
I love books! In my opinion there isn't a better way to pass time, than by reading a book. Before you know it, you've arrived at your destination.
A lot of people get a really skin during the flight, that doesn't happen to me. I do get dry lips, so I always like to take a lipbalm with me.
For a little freshening up I like to take deodorant, some antibacterial gel and some other bits and bops.
I like to bring a little notebook and a pen for writing down ideas, playing games and doodling.
Last bot not least I take my iPhone with me. During the flight I almost only use it for playing games. My favourite game at the moment is Candy Crush! =)
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