October 25, 2013

Photography / Fast before they fall

I love fall, or at least the idea of fall. The weather gets colder, the leaves start turning colour. Inside you start burning candles and drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream. You decorate your house with pumpkins and warm colours. That sounds perfect to me. Usually though I end up riding my bike in the rain and all the pretty leaves are gone before you know it. So the other day I ran outside and took some pictures. And surprisingly the leaves are not gone yet, so I might take some more pictures one of these days.

What do you love about fall?


  1. Big,comfy sweaters, hot chocolate or tea in cute cups, movie nights, lots of scented candles, warm colors everywhere, Christmas soon... fall has no drawbacks ! :)


  2. I love the idea of it more than reality when the weather gets chillier! I'm quite sad that I haven't seen many leaves around mine this year, usually there are great big heaps :( xx


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