October 4, 2013

Travel tricks / The travel handbag

I love to travel and I'm a huge planner, so I thought it was only fair to share some of my tricks for all things travelling. This time: The travel handbag.

When you go on holiday you have your suitcase and your hand luggage for during your flight. But don't forget to bring a bag that you can use during your stay there. Because the other two bags you brought are (probably) going to be too big. So I chose three bags that could be perfect for daily use during your holiday.

Small and comfy - H&M

A small shoulder bag can be perfect. Your arms are free and because it's so small you can't take too much stuff with you (which will leave the bag not too heavy). The bag is black and silver, so it's easy to wear with all your outfits. Off course the fact that it's so small, may be a down side for some.

Cute and easy - Pacsun

This bag is a little bigger, so you can take a little bit more stuff with you. But it still leaves your hands free, because it's a backpack. This crazy pink colour may be a bit more difficult to style, but it's just too cute. A down side to this backpack can be the fact that it's on your back and you won't be able to keep your eyes on in constantly (which you probably want to do when you're in a big city).

Classy and handy - Zara

Probably the most beautiful one of the three. This bag will look good with any outfit and it will fit all the stuff you need. Great option? Yes, but it definitely has some down sides. Carrying this bag on your arm all day is going to hurt. As well as the fact that your arms are not really free (to take photographs for example).

Just think about what you like best and take that bag with you (or just take all three of them ;D)
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