November 4, 2013

DIY / Little photo studio

I got a little creative the other day and created this little photo studio. It's not perfect, but it works if I want to shoot some small objects on a white background. For Wednesday's post I shot some of my favourite rings at the moment on this white background.
What are your favourite places to shoot photos?


  1. It looks really great, I think I'm gonna do the same but I just need some better light in my room.
    Thank you for commenting, let's follow each other on GFC :)

  2. I thinks that is a fantastic idea! I love it.
    Thank you for visit me :)

  3. I'm always wondering how people get such a crisp white background! May have to steal this idea :) Rachel xx

  4. Awesome idea! :) I usually just look for anything white - curtains, walls, closets, etc... :D

    Amanda, from Mademoiselle Pastel


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