November 3, 2013

Lifestyle / Some reading material

A few of the books I'm reading this fall / winter. I'm reading City of Bones at the moment. I'm not loving it yet, but that may change. I already started in The Cuckoo's Calling. I just have to open this book again and start reading it, because I really liked the part I've read already. Oh and I can't wait to start reading Revenge wears Prada. I've only seen the movie of The Devil wears Prada, so I'm really excited for this book.
What are you reading right now?


  1. Have you read the first Devil wears Prada book? It's quite different to the film (but both are amazing!) so you might want to read it before the second :) hope you enjoy it! I haven't read The Cuckoo's Calling but it's on my list xx

    1. No I haven't read the first book, thanks for letting me know! =) I might purchase the first book before reading the second one. I really like the Cuckoo's Calling, I still need to finish it though.

  2. Haven't heard of Cuckoo's Calling, but I'm going to check it out on goodreads in a bit. However, the first two are simply amazing; You'll be desperate to buy City of Ashes after you'll have finished City of Bones. Have you watched the movie, by the way?

    Otilia ♥


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