January 31, 2014

Travel / Five times New York City

New York City 2012

1. Ulta

You want to do some beauty shopping while you're in New York? Of course you want to go to Duane Read and Walgreens, you can find those al around the city. But when you're in New York you can also go to Ulta. Take the subway to Queens and get out at 63 Dr - Rego Park (the E, M & R trains will take you there). From there it's just a short walk to Rego Park Center I and II. Ulta is located in Rego Park Center II.

2. PAX

For breakfast and lunch I like to go to PAX (you can find these all over the city). What I love most about this place is the fact that you can create your own salad. You can choose your greens (crisp romaine, mixed greens or spinach), your toss-ins (vegetables, chicken, cheese etc.) and your dressing (honey mustard, ranch, caesar etc.). Of course you can also buy a bagel, sandwiches or a lot of other things.

3. Red Rose Nail & Spa

There are a lot of places in New York where you can go and get a manicure and/or pedicure. I like to go to Red Rose (152 W 72nd St). Both times I was in New York I went here a few times. They have great prices, the people that work there are really friendly and they have a lot nail polish colours to choose from. There is a Urban Outfitters and a Duane Read close by. At Gray's Papaya, which is also close by, you can get a fresh juice.

4. Chat N Chew

You want to go here (10 E 16th St) for a good old burger (and a lot of other things - I went for the Quintessential Macaroni and Cheese). The place has an amazing atmosphere and great quality food. With names as 110% Veggie Chili, Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf and Thanksgiving On A Roll who doesn't want to eat here?! It's close to Union Square Park which is also a cool place to check out!

5. South Street Seaport

Yes, you get a great view of Manhattan from the Empire State building and Top of the Rock. Definitely go there. But if you want a view that's a little bit different, go to South Street Seaport. Go onto the pier and on the top level of the building (where the restaurants are) you can go outside and you'll have an amazing view of the Brooklyn bridge on one side and Manhattan on the other. South Street Seaport itself is also worth checking out. It's a 'cute' 'little' area with shops and restaurants.

January 29, 2014

Beauty / A Victoria's Secret gift

My friends and I played our favourite gift game. Every person brings two gifts and all the gifts go on the table. Every number on the dice means something. Get a gift from the pile, remove the wrapping paper, put the gift back on the pile, get a gift from someone else etc. We've played this game a few times before. Let me show you what I took home with me.

First I got a oil burner gift set with 12 different oils. It comes with the scents: Rose, vanilla, jasmine, lavender, blue water, wood, musk, sandalwood, blueberry, strawberry, honey dew and mango. I can't wait to try this out. I hope the smell isn't too much for my small room.

And last but definitely not least, a Victoria's Secret gift set! One of my friends went to New York and she bought one of her gifts for the game over there and I knew I was going to like it. How can I not when it comes from New York. Anyway the set contained a body lotion, a body wash and a fragrance mist from the Amber Romance line. It's sweet but not too sweet. It smells creamy, soft and of vanilla (I'm great at describing scents by the way ;D).

January 27, 2014

Photography / The roads I knew became a city

Another portrait ;)

January 26, 2014

Photography / Snap!

Don't mind my hair, please =) Taking pictures in that save garden I was talking about. I need to go out and take pictures of the rest of the world.

January 24, 2014

Photography / Save garden

Oops I took photographs in my backgarden again. One of my goals for this year was to go out more and by go out, I didn't mean out in my garden. I'm working on it.

January 22, 2014

Photography / Remote control

Testing out my new remote for my camera. So happy with it!

January 20, 2014

Books / Reading Right Now

Currently I'm reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass. I don't love these books like I did the Harry Potter books for example, but I do really (really) like them.

Which book are you currently reading? 

January 19, 2014

Running Diaries / New shoes

So like I told you I've been outside running for a few times now. These few times I've been running on some old pair of Nikes, that I had still lying around in my closet. I know you need good running shoes. I just didn't want to spend a fortune on shoes, if I weren't going to continue this new obsession with running.

I decided that I do want to continue this crazy obsession with running, so last Saturday I went out to buy me some running shoes. I was (!) so excited! I couldn't wait to come home with some beautiful new running shoes. So I went to a store that specializes in running shoes (and everything else running). There was a nice girl helping me. I told her that I just started running and that I wanted the right shoes. I tried a few shoes on for the right size. After that I did a little run in the store, in front of a camera. From the video she could see that I'm a normal pronator (good to know). So she got me some socks and some shoes that should be right for my feet.

I put on the shoes and there I went. Outside. On a crowded shopping street. On a Saturday. With two different shoes on. Just lovely. I did that a few times with different shoes, until we decided which ones fitted my feet best. Ok now I've got the right shoes, but I don't really like how they look (understatement of the year). What now? I was afraid that they would get me some boring old shoes and that I would have to beg for a little colour. Oh boy was I wrong. I got the most colourful shoes of the whole store (maybe planet even?). It was so bad I had to beg for a little less colour. The girl told me that they only gave advice on the fit of the shoe, not on the colour. So that's a no, I guess. 

I was disappointed that I didn't get to choose a nice looking shoe (I'm so superficial). I decided to buy them anyway because they fitted right, but I was in a bad mood the rest of the day. I must say that I've changed my opinion a little bit since buying the shoes. They're not that ugly. I took them out for a run twice already and they walk really well. I've to use them a lot more to really form an opinion, but for now they're ok. I'm ok.

January 17, 2014

Photography / Blogging Goals 2014

I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to write for this morning's post. For some inspiration I took a look in my picture folder. I came across a picture that I took in Het Rijksmuseum (one I didn't publish here on my blog). There were a lot of people in that picture and that is rare for pictures that I take. Usually there aren't any people in the pictures that I take. And that is something I want to change. So I thought I write down my blogging goals for 2014. It may be a little late for that, but better late than never right? =)
  1. Photograph people
  2. Go out, discover new places to photograph
  3. Take that photograph!
  4. Really look at what you're photographing

January 15, 2014

Lifestyle / Photo Idea Book

For Christmas I got A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book! I just finished reading (and looking at) the whole book. There are some great tips and tricks in there. It's just a great books if you need a little (or a lot of) inspiration.

January 13, 2014

Running Diaries / Running Gear Wishes

Yesterday I posted my story about me first ever run. And since my first ever run I can't think about anything else. When I get back from a run, immediately I want to go back out and run again. Which I won't because I'm sticking to my schedule. Which leaves me home (or at work, or wherever) thinking about it. That includes shopping (mostly thinking about shopping) for running gear. There is so much cute (and awesome) clothes, shoes and accessories out there. I made a little list with things I want (ssst some things might be already on their way to someone's house). All from H&M.
What things are on your active wear wishlist?

January 12, 2014

Running Diaries / My first ever run!

It was al set into motion when I got a H&M gift card and some money for Christmas. Two days later I was in H&M buying myself some running gear. Tights, a top that keeps your really warm (I don't remember the name) and two long sleeve tops.  The next morning (which was a Sunday morning, extra points for that) I'm outside by 9.30 am, feeling like I could run a marathon. Which I can't (not yet), but it's the thought that counts right?!

There I go. My first ever run! I'm doing this Start To Run program where someone tells me exactly what I should do. When to run, when to walk and when to breath. Oh yes, breathing. I'm not good with breathing (I could be a vampire). I feel that that is going to be an issue in the near future, but hopefully it will sort itself out when I've been running for a little longer.

The first thing I notice, is that there are a lot more dog walkers than runners in my neighbourhood. Every time I see a dog, I wonder what I would do when one comes after me. Would I a. go in full sprint and outrun the dog, b. stop running completely and surrender or c. climb the nearest tree and stay there until someone saves me? What would you do?

A few minutes later my nightmare becomes reality. I run past a guy that is walking his dog. Nothing scary happening so far. After a few seconds I get the feeling that I'm being followed. I keep running but turn my head to look back. The dog is following me, instead of his owner who is walking in the opposite direction. Aaaah! I keep staring straight ahead. What should I do, what should I do? What I should do is admit that the dog wasn't really chasing me, but rather running along side me. Oh and did I say that he (or she) is the size of big chipmunk? No? Oh. The dog is gone by the way.

When I get back after twenty minutes, I feel like a champion. Not only did I just survive my first run, I also survived my first dog chase. Check, check. I want more! And I get more. After my first run, I've been outside running five more times. Which means that I completed the first two weeks of the Start To Run program. Yes!

Next week another running journal!

January 10, 2014

Diary / Last bits of 2013

Beautiful sunset after some crazy weather / B&B candles / 30STM concert / NaNoWriMo 2013 winner! / Delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream / Beautiful sunset / Our Christmas tree / Christmas decorations / Me and my bobble hat / Me at our very own photoshoot =) / Christmas dinner (or at least part of it) / Fireworks / Christmas leftovers make this delicious sandwich / Out for an afternoon walk / Trying out a hair doughnut for the first time, I kinda like it =)

January 8, 2014

Life / Vision board

I read and heard a lot of things about making a vision board a long time ago. I didn't make one and kind of forgot about it. Until a few days ago when I kind of rediscovered it. This time I grabbed some old magazines, some scissors and some glue and I got to work. This is the end result (not totally in focus, because it's kind of private ;)).
Have you ever made a vision board? Did it 'work'? 

January 6, 2014

Photography / Fireworks overload

The first thing I always do when the clock hits 00.00 at new years eve (after saying happy new year to everyone) is go outside and start taking photos of all the fireworks. This time I didn't go outside, but went up to the attic to snap some pictures. It was the first time I used my 50mm lens and my tripod for shooting fireworks. The first few photos turned out pretty crappy, but after that it got slightly better. I still didn't think that I had taken some great shots, so I was lightly disappointed. To my surprise a few of the photos turned out pretty ok when I saw them on my computer. So now on to the fireworks overload, sorry I couldn't choose just one.


January 5, 2014

Lifestyle / What I got for Christmas

Just a tiny post with what I got for Christmas.

January 3, 2014

Photography / Clean House, Fresh Start

I promise these will be the last Christmas decorations you're going to see for a while. We visited my grandparents house just before Christmas and I took a couple photos of the decorations they'd put up. I'm a little bit sad that all the Christmas decorations at our own house are gone now. The house looks so empty. I do have to say I'm really excited for this year, and what better way to start it then with a clean and neat house =)

January 1, 2014

Photography / Happy New Year!




I hope you've had a wonderful new years eve and I hope you've an even better 2014! Here are some of the photographs I took the last couple of years celebrating the new year. I have no idea where 2012/2013 is though. The photos I took last night will be up shortly!
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