January 12, 2014

Running Diaries / My first ever run!

It was al set into motion when I got a H&M gift card and some money for Christmas. Two days later I was in H&M buying myself some running gear. Tights, a top that keeps your really warm (I don't remember the name) and two long sleeve tops.  The next morning (which was a Sunday morning, extra points for that) I'm outside by 9.30 am, feeling like I could run a marathon. Which I can't (not yet), but it's the thought that counts right?!

There I go. My first ever run! I'm doing this Start To Run program where someone tells me exactly what I should do. When to run, when to walk and when to breath. Oh yes, breathing. I'm not good with breathing (I could be a vampire). I feel that that is going to be an issue in the near future, but hopefully it will sort itself out when I've been running for a little longer.

The first thing I notice, is that there are a lot more dog walkers than runners in my neighbourhood. Every time I see a dog, I wonder what I would do when one comes after me. Would I a. go in full sprint and outrun the dog, b. stop running completely and surrender or c. climb the nearest tree and stay there until someone saves me? What would you do?

A few minutes later my nightmare becomes reality. I run past a guy that is walking his dog. Nothing scary happening so far. After a few seconds I get the feeling that I'm being followed. I keep running but turn my head to look back. The dog is following me, instead of his owner who is walking in the opposite direction. Aaaah! I keep staring straight ahead. What should I do, what should I do? What I should do is admit that the dog wasn't really chasing me, but rather running along side me. Oh and did I say that he (or she) is the size of big chipmunk? No? Oh. The dog is gone by the way.

When I get back after twenty minutes, I feel like a champion. Not only did I just survive my first run, I also survived my first dog chase. Check, check. I want more! And I get more. After my first run, I've been outside running five more times. Which means that I completed the first two weeks of the Start To Run program. Yes!

Next week another running journal!
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