February 2, 2014

Running Diaries / Halfway there

A little later then usual, but here none the less. Normally the first thing I do on a Sunday morning is running. Sunday morning is the moment I started running for the first time and that's probably why it's my favourite moment to run. Contrary to weekdays (when everybody needs to get up early for work) on Sunday morning it's really quit. The only people that are out as early as you, are people that walk their dog. The rest of the world is still sleeping and you're out there running. That's an awesome feeling (at least for me). What's even more awesome is coming back home after your run, taking a shower and then... breakfast (or should I say breakFEAST)!

This morning running wasn't the first thing I did. I felt that my body needed a little bit of rest, as I've been working out a bit much this week (I've been running two times this week, had soccer training two times and two soccer games yesterday). But after I had some breakfast, I went out anyway #nevernotrunning =) I started week six of the Start to Run programme and it went really well. So you can understand that I was really glad that I went running anyway.
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