February 7, 2014

Travel / Four times London

London 2008

1. Oxford Street

Must go to! It may be touristy but it's a great place for shopping if you're looking for all the regular shops like Topshop, Primark, Forever21, New Look, Nike Town and many more.

2. Carnaby Street

Ones of my favourite places in London, Carnaby Street. There are some awesome stores like Vans, David & Goliath, the Great Frog, Muji, Monki, Liberty, Jack Wills, Brandy Melville and American Apparel. Of course you can also find a lot of lovely places to eat.Worth checking out.

3. The Liberty Bounds

It's a long time ago that I was here, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. We went to this pub after we went to the Tower of London (it's really close by). Just to have something to eat and drink. I remember it to be quit big, lots of wood, dark colours and really cosy. I definitely plan on going here again when I'm in London.

4. Notting Hill

You can find some awesome things at the market, there are great stores to browse and cute little caf├ęs to get something to drink. I can't wait to go back to London and explore this area some more. 
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