March 17, 2014

Fashion / High heeled

All shoes and pictures are from ZARA

About a week ago my friends and I had a girls night in. We made dinner, we talked (a lot!) and we watched a movie. Sex and the City 2 of course. After watching Sex and the City (the movie or the tv series), I always have the urge to wear high heels. Just like Carrie, I'm not really tall and I can use all the extra hight I can get. While I love wearing heels from time to time, I can't believe that some people wear heels every day. It's so exhausting. Not to mention not really practical. I mean running to catch your train in high heels or on Converse. Which would you choose? Wearing high heels while you're doing your grocery shopping, not my cup of tea either. And it is not as if I have tons of parties to go to where I can wear all my high heels. Maybe I should make it a thing to wear heels ones a week, just because. I love the feeling I get when wearing heels and by that I don't mean pain ;-) I mean feminine, strong, tall (!) and awesome.
Do you wear heals often?
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