March 10, 2014

Life/ A bit more personal

I participated in the #lbloggerschat on Twitter last week and after that chat I was motivated to write a more personal blogpost. My blog is mainly about my photography, but I want to give it a more personal touch and I think that sometimes my blog needs a little bit more words.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before on the blog, but I went to law school and graduated with a masters degree in criminal law. Which is great off course, but not all that interesting. The thing is that I graduated about 2.5 years ago and that I'm still looking for a job. Let me tell you, that sucks! I have been working these past few years, but that job has got nothing to do with my studies. Time goes by and I do nothing with my degree. All the knowledge that I absorbed while studying is slowing evaporating into thin air and that's a shame. Also, lately I'm not getting as many hours as I used to get at my current job. So I'm on a tight budget right now. I know I'm not the only one. The unemployment rate is really high here in The Netherlands (and in a lot of other countries as well). It's really frustrating because I WANT to work but there is no one who wants to give me a chance.

So I'm constantly torn between not finding a job that relates to my studies, not making many hours at my current job and then there's the whole thing about following my dreams (but I should probably write a separate post about that). I know I need to keep my head up high and keep trying. There will come a day that I'll get that (dream) job, so I can earn my own money, so I can afford my own place and I can live my own life.

Are you in a similar situation?

ps. About two hour after writing this, I already feel better and a lot more positive. Sometimes it's good to write it all down and get it of your chest.


  1. It's really hard finding a job after university - I realised that I didn't really want one related to my degree so now I'm a bit stuck trying to find what I do want! Good luck with your search xx

  2. I'm not exactly in the same situation because I'm only 16, but I know how difficult it can be to find a job. It must be frustrating because after spending so much time and money at university now you can't even use what you've learnt! I wish you all the best with finding one, I would love to read a post about your dreams- mine are to travel! Rachel x

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  3. That must be so frustrating for you. I am not in a similar situation but I have good friends who are and they are finding it difficult.


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