April 27, 2014

Food & Drinks / Cold Rice Salad Recipe

What do you need?

200 gr white rice
200 gr chicken
100 gr ham (slice)
150 gr cheese (slice)
1 apple (granny smith)
1 small leek
1/2 red pepper
1/2 cucumber
Small can green peas
3,35 fl oz mayonnaise
1,70 fl oz cream
1 teaspoon curry powder

What do you need to do?

Cook the rice and leave it until it's dry and cold. 
Cut the chicken in small pieces and add some salt and pepper. 
Bake the chicken and leave it to cool of as well.
Chop the ham and cheese in small cubes.
Chop the leek and the red pepper in small pieces. 
Cut the cucumber in half and remove the seeds, after this chop it in small pieces.
Mix all the previous ingredients together. 
Mix the mayonnaise, the cream and the curry powder.
Chop the apple in little pieces and mix it in with the rice salad.
Mix the mayonnaise / cream / curry powder in with the rice salad. 
Leave the whole thing to cool of for about an hour. 

* Wow it's kind of difficult to translate Dutch recipes into English. I hope everything makes sense, let me know if it doesn't =)
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