April 16, 2014

Running Diaries / Back on the Road

I started running again! I've started out slowly, not wanting my foot injury to come back. Luckily everything feels fine again. Now that the soccer season is almost coming to an and, I want to start running three times a week again. I love that now I can keep running during the summer where as I normally wouldn't do anything until the soccer season started again in September (which sounds so far away). I did buy this hot pink running t-shirt, because all the running clothes I own are made for winter and cold weather. And it's not winter anymore. Running in something with short sleeves feels so much better now that it's getting warmer. Do you prefer running in the winter or summer?


  1. I think I prefer winter running... I get hot and bothered far too quick! Reading this makes me want to get back in to it, haven't been for aaaaaages

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  2. I've just got back into running too! I'm mostly running at the gym though, but I much prefer running in the summer, my throat hurts too much when it's cold out.

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  3. ziet er goed uit! liefs en fijne dagen x


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