April 4, 2014

Travel / Five times Paris

The Louvre
It's huge! There's so much to look at. You don't have to look at everything, just pick a section you're interested in. The building itself is beautiful. There is no reason not to go here. And when you're European and under 26 it's free!

Boulangerie / Patisserie
French bakeries are the best! You need to get your butt there as soon as you're in Paris! 

Eiffel Tower
Really touristy, but definitely something you can't miss while in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is beautiful to take pictures of (or with, selfie!). If you go up you have a beautiful view!

Lovelock bridge
Not a place you HAVE to go, but I just love how this bridge looks. It's full with all the locks that people put there, to seal their love. I think that's a lovely idea and all the locks are very photogenic =)

Place du Tertre
I can imagine this place in the early days. A square where all the artist gathered. A place with not as much tourist as there are now. But even with all the tourists there, it's a beautiful place to visit, to look around and get some food.

Le Palais Royal Jardin
After a long day of walking this is the perfect place to relax for a bit. It's really quiet, surrounded by the high walls. There is a fountain, where you can sit and put your feet in the water.

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