May 19, 2014

News / A New Focus

New York City, 2009
I've been blogging on justAimee for almost a year and a half. My main focus for this blog has always been photography. Through my photographs you could see bits and pieces of my life. About the things I like (traveling, photography, reading, food, beauty and fashion). It felt like my blog was kind of all over the place. So for a while now, I've been thinking about focussing my blog on one subject. I don't want to limit myself, but I do want the focus to be on that subject. All the other things will just be extras. So, what's that subject going to be?

When I was reading Mascha's book Happy Life, she asked the question what could you do for 24 hours a day? What do you like to do so much that you could do it all day long? To my surprise I could answer the question immediately. You know that I love to travel, but what you maybe don't know is that I love to plan my trips. I love to do research (as I call it) weeks, sometimes even months, before my trip. I love this so much I could do this all day long. On those days I won't even notice the time passing by.

That's it! I'm going to do my research just like I do before a trip and instead of keeping it all to myself, I'm going to publish it on my blog. I know that there are a lot of people out there that don't like to do this kind of research and now they don't have to. I don't have any trips planned for myself (unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees - not yet anyway), but that's OK. I can still do my research as if I'm going and I can also share things from previous trips.

Off course I'll keep blogging about my personal life as well, just like I did before, through my photographs. I hope you enjoy this change as much as I do! =)


  1. I am really excited to seeing your future blogposts aleady. I love your photographs :)

  2. Leuk dat je je blog meer op een onderwerp gaat focussen, alhoewel ik meerdere onderwerpen ook leuk vind. Zelf blog ik ook over van alles. Soms is het voor mezelf ook wat onoverzichtelijk, maar aan de andere kant vind ik het gewoon fijn om over veel dingen te bloggen en het is immers mijn blog! Dus ik mag doen wat ik wil haha.

    Ik ben benieuwd hoe jij je tripjes uitzoekt. Zelf ben ik er soms zo slecht in. Heb het geduld niet eerst alles uit te zoeken, wil in mijn enthousiasme vaak zo snel mogelijk boeken haha. Ik ben benieuwd naar je artikels ;)

    1. Ja inderdaad, ik wil af en toe ook nog wel over andere onderwerpen bloggen hoor. Ik zou het missen als ik dat niet deed =) Dank je wel! Ik heb zin om al mijn blogs te schrijven en te posten =)


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