May 28, 2014

Sleeping / Cheap Hostels/Hotels in NY

YMCA Vanderbilt in 2012
This picture says more about the size of the room than about the amount of shopping we did! =D

Next to your air plane ticket, the place where you're going to stay is one of the first things you want to take care of when you're planning a trip. I would love to sleep in the most luxurious suites, but I don't have that kind of money. The money I do have, I rather spend on things like shopping and food. So next up are five affordable places where you can stay while you're in New York.

1. YMCA Vanderbilt (hostel) -

I've stayed in this hostel two years ago. The room is about the size of a closet and you've shared bathrooms. If you're looking for a cheap place to stay and you have no problem with that, this is a perfect place. It's in the middle of Manhattan, walking distance to the subway, for a good price and the people that work there are friendly. The rooms are bit old, but as you can see we rather spend out money on other things =D

2. Hotel Newton (hotel) -

This hotel is located in the Upper West Side and there is a subway station really close by. The rooms got a bit of an old fashioned feel about them, but I think a lot of hotels have the same thing. It's probably because of all the patterns in the curtains and bedspreads. The hotel doesn't have free WiFi, what I think is a bit of a downside, but you can always go to Starbucks.

3. Pod 51 / 39 Hotel (hostel) -

I love the look of this hotel / hostel! This one is really modern, lots of white and bright colours. They have shared bathrooms, but you can also choose to have a private bathroom (which makes the whole thing more expensive off course). Both their locations are located in Manhattan and near to subway station. I haven't stayed here myself, but this Pod is definitely on my list for the next time I'll visit New York.

4. Hotel 17 (hostel) -

This place has gotten good reviews and oh no, more of those patterns on the curtains and bedspreads (I'm just kidding, we love those old fashioned patterns). This hotel is located in Gramercy Park neighbourhood. It's also close to Union Square, where there are a lot of shops (like Macy's and Victoria's Secret) and you can take the subway there.

5. HI New York (hostel) -

The other hostels I talked about all had private rooms (with shared bathrooms), but this hostel is really affordable when you book a dorm room where 6-8-10-12 people can stay. I've never done this before and I'm not really sure if I would, but it's an really affordable way to stay in New York. It's gotten really good reviews on Tripadvisor, but you have to make sure it's your cup of tea. If you rather have a private room, than this is not for you.
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