June 8, 2014

Food & Drinks / Blogger Faves: Eating Out In NY

New York City, 2009
The Mercer Kitchen - www.themercerkitchen.com

I discovered this place through one of Fleur's (from Fleur de Force) vlogs. The Mercer Kitchen is situated in the basement of the Mercer Hotel, which is located in the heart of SoHo. The restaurant design is described as being a combination of industrial and classic modernism. I think that describes the place perfectly. Take a look at the pictures on the website and you'll see! There's lots of fish dishes on the menu, so all you seafood loves out there will love this place. Don't worry if you don't like fish, there are plenty of other dishes to choose from as well (pasta's, burgers, pizza).

ABC Kitchen - www.abckitchennyc.com

Mara (from www.ablogaboutlove.com) made a list of her favourite places to eat in Manhattan. One of the restaurants on her list is ABC Kitchen. What she says about it: "Awesome place to dine for a lunch date. When lunch dates call for dining, which hopefully is often :) Organic and local. Keep your eyes peeled for designers and celebrities." This place looks cute, edgy and natural at the same time. It's really close to Union Square and you can go there for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Spice Market - www.spicemarketnewyork.com

This place looks amazing! Spice Market is a two-level space, located in the Meatpacking District. They are inspired by the street food in Southeast Asia. "With each new dish you are transported to the idealization of a Vietnamese street market or a Thai food stall." You can choose from meat dishes, seafood dishes, vegetables, noodles and rice dishes, soup dishes, salads and more. Check out their website to get a feel of the place. This was another find through Fleur's (from Fleur de Force) vlogs.

The Butcher's Daughter - www.thebutchersdaughter.com

I the first time I read something about The Butcher's Daughter was on Annemerel's blog. The Butcher's Daughter is located in NoLiTa (North of Little Italy). "They treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat." This sounds like my kind of place (I'm not a big fan of meat). You can come in for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner or just for a drink. The menu has lots of different things to choose from. They also have cleanse & trim packages, but that may not be a good idea if you're only in New York for a short while.

Olive Garden - www.olivegarden.com

This is my personal favourite =) I'm a huge pasta fan and the pasta I had here was delicious. Everything was perfect, from the starter, to the main course and don't even get me started on the dessert. I had the Zeppoli (soft traditional Italian doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar and served with chocolate sauce for dipping). It was the best dessert I've had in my entire life. There are two locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, we visited the one on Times Square. The people that worked there were really friendly and overall we had a great time.
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