June 16, 2014

Food & Drinks / Burgers in New York

Diner 66, in Utrecht The Netherlands
Don't like burgers? Try out these ones and you might change your mind. Do like burgers? Definitely go here to confirm your love for burgers. 

1. Shake Shack - www.shakeshack.com

I've never been a big fan of burgers, but when we were at Shake Shack I had to try one. To my surprise I kind of liked it. Kind of I say because the next time I ate a burger was almost two years later (the one on the picture above). That one I also kind of liked, so now I'm kind of curious to try out some more burgers. I know for sure I'll visit Shake Shack again when I'm in New York. Oh and you're never alone at Shake Shack, the waiting line is always long.

2. Chat 'n Chew - www.chatnchewnewyorkcity.com

I really like this place. Both times I was in New York we went here to have dinner. The first time ordered The Quintessential Macaroni and Cheese and the second time I went for The Classic Grilled Cheese. The next time I'm here I probably go for The Holy Cow (these names! =D). Check their website for there address.

3. Five Guys - www.fiveguys.com

I have to admit that the only thing I've gotten at Five Guys, is a bottle of water 0__0 When I see other visiting Five Guys (on blogs or on YouTube), I'm like why didn't I order anything other than water?! I need to make up for that when I'm back in USA. They have quite a few stores in New York. Check their website for the actual locations.

4. Whitman's - www.whitmansnyc.com

This place was on quite a few top 10 best burgers in New York lists. I haven't been here myself, but this one is on my list for the next time I visit New York. It's located in the heart of the East Village, the place looks amazing and on the menu are enough things to chose from. Have you ever been here? Let me know what you thought of the place!

5. Five Napkin Burger - www.5napkinburger.com

Another one for the list! The Five Napkin Burger (do you need five napkins while eating this burger?) has three location in New York, so there's probably one not to far from your hotel. The place looks absolutely amazing and there seems to be such a cool vibe. Check their website for all there locations!
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