June 9, 2014

Sleeping / Hotels in Miami Beach

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If I was planning a trip to Miami, these hotels would be my top 5 picks. I didn't choose the cheapest nor the most expensive ones, they're all kind of in between.

Surfcomber a Kimpton Hotel **** - www.surfcomber.com

This boutique hotel is located in Miami South Beach. The hotel has a very modern feel to it, except for the fact that they don't offer free WiFi (only for members). It's got a pool and a direct connection to the beach. It's close to shops, bars and public transportation. The people that work their are very friendly and it's got really good reviews on Tripadvisor. They "put the best of Miami at your doorstep while taking you a world away from all your worries."

The Palms Hotel & Spa **** - www.thepalmshotel.com

This hotel is located near Miami South Beach, a little further away from all the hustle and bustle. So it's great if you like to have more peaceful surroundings. It's a beautiful resort and looks very modern. There are a lot of palm trees (very important!) and the hotel is right across the beach. The rooms don't have balcony's. If you do have an ocean view room though, the view is amazing!

Room Mate Waldorf Towers *** - waldorf.room-matehotels.com

This is a art deco hotel (orange and white on the outside) with a modern decor (black and white interior, which I always think looks very clean). It's located on Ocean Drive, right across the beach. The rooms are a bit small, but big enough. Clubs and restaurants are close by, but there are almost no complains about the noise (on Tripadvisor). They don't have their own pool, but they do offer free WiFi.

Grand Beach Hotel **** - www.miamihotelgrandbeach.com

This hotel is even farther away from all the hustle and bustle than The Palms Hotel & Spa. So if you want to go to Miami, but don't want all the bars and clubs around your hotel this place is great for you. If you do want to go to the busier parts of town, the public transportation is good. The hotel is right across the beach. There's free WiFi and the rooms are very big.

Clevelander Hotel *** - www.clevelander.com

Clevelander Hotel is in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Miami Beach. If you don't like that, than you don't want to stay here. This is a party hotel, it's noisy and there is a sports café. Night clubs and bars are all close by. It's right across the beach, the rooms are clean and there's free WiFi (to upload all your party pictures).
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