June 22, 2014

Travel / New York in the Movies

New York City, 2012
Just walking around New York City feels like your walking on a giant sized movie set. Sometimes it may even feel as if you've walked into the movie itself. So all of New York is good for spotting places you recognise from movies, but here are some specific places.

Friends Apartment Building

The outside of this building was used for the place where the Friends characters lived.
Address: Corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street located in Greenwich Village.

Ross/Ugly Naked Guy Apartment Building

The outside of this place was used for Ross' and Ugly Naked Guy's apartments.
Address: 12-21 Grove Street located in Greenwich Village.

Magnolia Bakery

Carrie and Miranda from Sex and the City eat a cupcake outside Magnolia Bakery.
Address: 401 Bleecker Street located in Greenwich Village.


This fancy Chinese restaurant was used for the scene of Carrie and Big's rehearsal dinner in Sex and the City the Movie.
Address: 75 9th Avenue located in the Meatpacking District.

Trapeze School New York

Carrie from Sex and the City goes here for an assignment. Try it out for yourself or watch other people from the waterfront promenade.
Address: Pier 40, on West Street, located near Greenwich Village.

Trump Tower

The entrance to Wayne Enterprises in The Dark Knight Rises is actually the entrance to Trump Tower.
Address: 725 Fifth Avenue at East 56th Street located in Midtown.

JP Morgan Building

This JP Morgan Building was used as the exterior of Gotham Stock Exchange in The Dark Knight Rises.
Address: 23 Wall Street (on the south corner at Broad Street) located in the Financial District.


Sara and Jonathan have a drink at SERENDIPITY III, in the movie Serendipity. The drink is the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. 
Address: 225 E 60th Street located at the Upper East Side.


McGee's is a bar that was used as inspiration for the bar MacLaren's in How I Met Your Mother.
Address: West 55th Street located in Midtown.

Schinasi Mansion

The exterior of this building was used as June's home in White Collar. Neal rents a spare room for $700 a month.
Address: 351 Riverside Drive located at the Upper West Side.
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