June 13, 2014

To Do / Touristy Places in New York

You may not want to come across as a tourist while you're in New York, but you are one. So you might as well enjoy it and visit the next five touristy (love that word =D) places in the big apple.

1. Times Square

I think this is the most touristy place in New York (in the world?!), but it's so iconic and when you're here you realise exactly where you are. New York City baby! Definitely go to Times Square and enjoy all the lights and billboards. After that, you can go off and enjoy the rest of the city.

2. Central Park

Such a beautiful place. This is the complete opposite form Times Square. All the tourists come here as well, but the beautiful thing about Central Park is, is that it's so big. It doesn't feel like a touristy place. When it's summer all the locals come to the park as well. People are laying on the grass, working out, sitting on one of the benches or they're walking around. Great place to give your feet a rest.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

There are so many reason you should go to the Brooklyn Bridge! For starters the bridge itself. It's a beautiful bridge, very photogenic. There's the view. It gives you a great view of the Manhattan skyline. And last but not least Brooklyn itself. If you've walked all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge, why not pay Brooklyn a visit.

4. Empire State Building

There is nothing like seeing the city from this height. When you're on the ground you feel so tiny because of all the huge buildings, but when you're on top of the Empire State Building you're above all that. A great place to appreciate this beautiful city (and a great place to take pictures =D). 

5. Grand Central Station

I had to think long and hard for this last one. There are more touristy places off course, but I like Grand Central Station. It's a beautiful building, with an exceptionally beautiful ceiling. A place you see in a lot of movies and tv shows (like Gossip Girl). It's a place where people come into the city, but also a place where people leave the city.
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