June 4, 2014

Travel / Fashion Shopping in New York

Forever21 on Times Square, New York City
When I watch other people's New York vlogs, a lot of the time I hear them say New York is not good for fashion shopping. I on the other hand love shopping for clothes in the City. Here are some of my favourite stores in New York.

Aritzia - www.aritzia.com

I discovered Aritzia while I was doing my research for my trip to New York. I think it was vlogger / blogger Kayla that mentioned Aritzia and I wrote it down. So when I was in NY in 2012 I visited their store and when I was in San Francisco in 2013 again I went to Aritzia. Both times I bought leggings. Their clothes are of amazing quality and their staff is super friendly. Prices vary (for example leggings are available in different prices $20 - $30 - $55 - $65).

Forever 21 - www.forever21.com

Forever 21 may be slowly coming to Europe (London, Antwerp and Amsterdam to name a few), but that does not mean you should skip Forever 21 when you're in New York. The stores are huge, the collections are bigger (and therefore different than over here) and because of the dollar it probably means it's cheaper as well. The Forever 21 store on Times Square is even open until 2 am! Midnight shopping it is!

Niketown - www.nike.com

For all the sporty people out there, this place is heaven. It's huge and you can wander here for hours. I play soccer and a few months ago I started running as well and I can't wait to go back here and buy some (a lot of) things. Check the Nike website for their exact location.

Urban Outfitters - www.urbanoutfitters.com

Even in Amsterdam we have a Urban Outfitters now, but I still like the visit this store when I'm abroad. It's such a good place to browse. Not only for fashion, but for books, cd's, accessories and crazy little fun stuff as well. They definitely have different collections than the one in your country and again it might be cheaper because of the dollar. It can't hurt to have a look around, can it? =)

Pookie and Sebastian - www.pookieandsebastian.com

This one's a bit pricier than the other ones. But it's such a cute little boutique, which sells clothes and accessories. This is definitely one for the girly girls. They have four stores in New York, for their addresses check their website.
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