June 1, 2014

Travel / Why You Should Go To Miami

Picture by Muze26 via Freeimages
I once said to someone that I wanted to go to Miami. I wasn't planning a trip or anything, but Miami is just one of those places I've always wanted to visit. They said no don't go. They're not big fans of Miami. I was like whatever. Lately I'm seeing Miami all over my Instagram, Bloglovin and YouTube (Andy from Style Scrapbook was in Miami a short while ago. Mariannan from Mariannan.costume.fi went to Miami. Mascha from Beautygloss was talking about Miami in one of her vlogs. One of my friends booked a trip to Miami). Miami is everywhere! All I can say is that I definitely want to go to Miami and why wouldn't I want to visit the Sunshine State?!

  • Warm weather (even though the warmer seasons can be a bit humid as well)
  • White beaches and blue water (great for picture taking!)
  • Think art deco, pastel colours and neon lights. 
  • Palm trees. Do I need to say more? I love palm trees!
  • Miami in general is = Picture taking heaven
  • Lots of shopping malls where you can spend all your money =)
  • Miami it totally different than any other city in America
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