July 21, 2014

Food & Drinks / Best Pasta in Rome

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Everyone who knows me knows I love Italian food. If I have to eat pasta every single day for the rest of my life, I'm OK with that. The shameful thing is that I've never been to Italy. I know that has to change, so to at least prepare myself I've searched for the best pasta in Rome. These are my top 5 picks, based upon other peoples reviews.
Roma Sparita - www.romasparita.com
This place is really popular with the locals, which can give you an idea of how good it is. Unfortunately that also means you have to make reservations  or be lucky to get a table. The menu isn't too big, but apparently most people come for the cacio e pepe pasta and the cozze alla marinara. Go find out what that is! =)

La Tavernaccia - www.latavernaccia.com
Lots of locals, chaos, warm and friendly service and good food. If you want to order a family style lasagne this is the place, but there are other options to choose from as well. Good food for a good price.

Pinsere Roma - www.pinsereroma.com
This is not really a restaurant, but more of a take out. Apparently you can get the best pizza here. The pizza's are small and are topped with fresh ingredients. The reviews on Tripadvisor are really really good.

Da Danillo - www.trattoriadadanilo.it
I'd read enough after "one of the best carbonara in Rome". Carbonara is my favorite and I'll go anywhere where they say they have the best carbonara. I've made it my life goal to try as many carbonara pasta as possible.

Da Gino
This place is packed with locals, probably because it's hidden away in an alleyway. Apparently you'll be banging elbows with the people sitting next to you, but I mean how can it get more Italian.
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