July 2, 2014

Travel / Candles

What is the number one thing you need to own when you're a blogger and maybe even more when you're a vlogger. Yes that's right, candles! The more the better. So which ones should you go for?

Yankee Candle - www.yankeecandle.com

One of the most famous one is probably Yankee Candle. They offer a wide range of candles. Large jar candles, medium jar candles, small jar candles, tumbler candles and swirl candles. Autumn Leaves, Beach Flowers, Campfire Treat, Coconut & Vanilla Bean and Margarita Time are just a few of the scents they have.

Bath and Body Works - www.bathandbodyworks.com

One of my favorite stores for candles, Bath and Body Works. 3-wick candles, mini candles and mason jar candles (want one!) are just a few of their items. Take your time picking a scent, because they all smell amazing. Sundress, Watermelon Lemonade, Caribbean Escape and Garden Party (love these names!). 

Diptyque - www.diptyqueparis.com

It's my humble opinion that Diptyque candles have the prettiest logos. Which isn't really important for the (smell of) candle. But hé if you want to use the glass jar after burning your candle, it is important. The prices start at $30 and can go up to $90 and even $290.

NEST - www.nestfragrances.com

I like the look of this candle as well. NEST candles are available in a lot of different scents like Wasabi Pear, Italian Leather and Moss & Mint (I can't even imagine how these candles smell). Prices go from $14 to $34 and $58.

Jo Malone - www.jomalone.com

If you want to go all out there and buy some very expensive candles, Jo Malone is the place to go. The have candles named Lime Basil Mandarin, Pomegranate Noir and English Pear & Freesia. Prices start at $35 for a travel candle (who even does this?) and the prices go up to $65, $195 and even $445 (this must be one good smelling candle).
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