July 20, 2014

Travel / A Day at the Mall

Picture by Ayla87 via Freeimages.com
I've been to America a few times and I've seen a few malls. But in the end I'm just a girl that watched to many American movies and gets excited when someone says I spend the day at the mall or lets go to the mall. I want to say that I spend a day at the mall. I want to say lets go to the mall! Why don't we have malls in the Netherlands? Here is how I would spend my day at the mall =)

A warm tea (or coffee) and a chocolate croissant at Starbucks to start the day.

Some window shopping at Burberry.

Browsing around Kitson and maybe do a cheeky purchase.

Buy too much underwear at Victoria's Secret.

Exit Forever 21 with too many shopping bags.

Lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.

Some more window shopping at Jimmy Choo.

Try some shoes on at Steve Madden.

Smell every fragrance in Bath and Body Works.

Spend way too much time in Sephora. 

Have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen to end this beautiful day.

And then I say I spend the day at the mall! How would you spend your day at the mall?  
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