July 14, 2014

Sleeping / Going Camping

Picture by Porah via Freeimages.com
A while back I was thinking (just thinking) about going on a road trip through Italy. I mentioned it to my friends and one of them said it would be way cheaper to bring a tent. That way you don't have to spend money on expensive hotels. A few others immediately responded that they didn't like going camping. That going camping is not a vacation.

Waking up because of the sunlight. Getting breakfast at the local bakery. Having dinner in front of the tent. Chatting until it's dark and you need to light some candles. Sounds amazing right? Or is this just a fantasy. Sleeping in the cold. Walking to the toilet in the dark. Having to sit inside the tent all day because of the rain. And is this the real deal?

I think that going camping has it's ups and downs. When you're rained on you'd rather go back to your hotel room and when you're cold you want to be able to turn on the heat. But sitting in front of your tent with candle lights on with the whole group, eating, drinking, laughing and chatting. I mean how amazing does that sound?!

How do you guys feel about going camping?


  1. I don't really like camping, because of the cold and stuff. But I love the social thing about it. Sitting by the tent, as you ascribe, sounds amazing :)

  2. I loved camping when I was younger. A usual thing in the summer would be to go to the lake and camp for a few days. It wasn't so bad because there were community bathrooms that you could pay to take a shower and stuff otherwise if you didn't feel like paying, you'd have to use the portable bathrooms where the toilets don't even flush. I would be too scared to use one of those- they are beyond dirty.

    I think I would be okay with camping if it meant saving money. But it depends on the area and weather. I don't think I'd feel too comfortable if there were bears or mountain lions. Still, I'm always up for an adventure so like you said, camping has its ups and downs, for sure. :)


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