September 29, 2014

Photography / The Tracks

Kleve, Germany 2014

"There are no short cuts to any place worth going"

September 28, 2014

Review / New York New York, Las Vegas

I thought we were in Las Vegas, but it looks like we are in New York City. Just kidding, but the outside of the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas looks pretty good! To get to the check in desk, we had to get passed a few (!) slot machines. We were really in Vegas now.

Entry to the New York New York hotel
When we checked in late at night, we heard the magic words. "We are giving you a free upgrade because all the non smoking rooms are booked" We were tired and just wanted to go to our room, but this made us very happy. When we opened the door to our hotel room we were pleasantly surprised. The room was huge! We didn't really need all this space, but who were we to complain. There was a knock on the door. There was the guy with our bags. Quick quick find some money. I'm not used to tipping everybody, because normally I do everything myself.  Thank god, we found some money.

Inside the New York New York hotel
On to the room, we both had a queen sized bed. The one I'm dreaming of having at home. You know how they say that your own bed at home is the best, they're lying. These kind of hotel beds are better than the one I have at home. I never wanted to leave my bed, but hey we had some exploring to do. We weren't just in any city, we were in Las Vegas. But first we needed a good night sleep.

Outside the entry to the hotel
The view from our room!
The next morning we found out that we had a pretty awesome view of Vegas. Not your typical Vegas view, but awesome non the less. I have to say, I really liked our stay at this hotel. I have no complains whatsoever. The price was really good, for the pretty awesome room we got. They offer free WiFi, yes! There are lots of different restaurants and bars in the hotel and even a Starbucks. I know Las Vegas is not viewed as a dream destination, but I wouldn't mind making another cheeky trip to Sin City =)


September 26, 2014

Photography / B&W Photography in Nijmegen

Nijmegen 2014
My mother and I spend the day shopping in Nijmegen. It was ok, but there are cities that I like better for shopping. I did take a picture of this pretty building. I can never decide if I like black and white or colour photography better. What is your favourite?

September 24, 2014

Travel / Solo: The start

New York City, USA 2009
There was this one time that I decided that I wanted to take this English Language course and I planned on going to London for that. When I suddenly realized that I shouldn't go to London (were I had already been three times before at that moment), but to New York City. Go big or go home right?! So I made all the arrangements for my trip and somewhere in September of 2009 I went to New York City all on my own. First I had to go to London and there I could hop on my plane to New York City. I remember sitting there at the gate in London, waiting for boarding to start. One of the screens read: JFK, New York City and I was like OMG I'm going to New York City. And I'm all alone. I can't remember ever being that excited! I made friends the moment I arrived in the student dorms I was staying at. So only the first few hours and the very last few hours of my trip, I was actually alone in NYC. The whole point of this story? I might have planned some real solo travelling in the very near future. More on that later =)

September 22, 2014

Photography / Hello Autumn

Kleve, Germany 2014
Autumn be awesome!

September 21, 2014

Review / Caribe Royale, Orlando

I love palm trees and there are plenty of palm trees at this hotel. The lobby is pretty big and there are lots of area's where you can sit. Which is especially convenient on the day you're leaving. You can use these area's while waiting for your taxi. The main reception building also has a game arcade, restaurant The Tropicale where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can buy food and snacks that you can take to your hotel room at Café Largo.

The main building where the reception is located
The hotel rooms are located in three separate towers. Our room is located in the second one. When we enter the hotel room, there is no bed in sight. There is a living room though. The next door opens with the bathroom to the right and the beds in sight. Two queen sized beds that is. I loved my bed! Our room gives us a great view of the swimming pool, the other two towers and the main building where the lobby is located. We have a pretty big TV, which I love for watching TV in the evening.

We arrived late at night (or at least it was late for us) so we both took a shower and ordered room service. The room service was pretty good. Especially the cupcake which was so huge I couldn't even finish it. That definitely says something.

Cute little side walk to the towers where the rooms are located

The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant The Tropicale. You could use the buffet or order from the menu. We ordered from the menu and it tasted awesome. I love American breakfast! The same night we had dinner there, but in my opinion there wasn't much choice. The things that were on the menu were not things I enjoyed (that's taste off course). The other night we got some food from Café Largo and brought in to the room with us. Sometimes you just want to eat your food while wearing your pyjama's.

The view from our room, the awesome swimming pool!
I loved the swimming pool. It's huge! There's also a waterslide and two whirlpools. The weather wasn't amazing, but it was good enough to check out this pool. You do definitely need a car or you have to rely on taxi's (which we did), because non of the main attractions in Orlando are near the hotel. I really like this hotel. It's really big, so you don't run into people very often. I can imagine going here for a week and doing absolutely nothing but sunbathing and eating ;-)

September 19, 2014

Photography / Human by the Sea

Zandvoort 2014
This pictures is a few months old, but I really like it. That tiny human by the sea is my little brother =)

September 17, 2014

Travel / Day Trip to Kleve, Germany

Kleve, Germany 2014
Like I said last week, I went on a tiny holiday myself. We went to a little town in Germany, called Kleve. The drive there is only a little over an hour, so it's not too long. This was the second time we were there. So what did we do while we were there. I love going to supermarkets in other countries, because there are so many different things than at the supermarkets back home. Next to that, there are a lot of things that are cheaper in Germany than they're in The Netherlands. We went to Kaufland. For beauty shopping I prefer the USA, but Germany is pretty cool as well. A lot of beauty and body care products are cheaper than in The Netherlands. We went to DM. After doing all our shopping we went to the city centre and walked around for a bit (I didn't do anymore shopping there). We ended the day with a super healthy meal at McDonald's.
Don't forget to go on little day trips yourself from time to time!

September 15, 2014

Photography / Rearranging food

Almere 2014
Went to Almere for the day with my mother. This was what we had for lunch. Totally took my time taking this pictures (also ignored the stares that I got =D). The lighting here was amazing by the way, I wanted to take it home with me!

September 14, 2014

Review / YMCA Vanderbilt, New York City

The last time I was in New York, I was there for a English Language course and I stayed in student dorms. Kind of a dream come true after watching to many American movies. This time I was there for fun and so we needed to find a hotel. The good ones are all expensive and the cheap ones are all... not that good (or at least the reviews online said so). So we searched for a cheap but good hotel / hostel.

The street where the hotel is located.

That was when we found YMCA Vanderbilt. We did some research and we came to the conclusion that it was good enough for the price we had to pay for it. So we booked our room, we booked our flights! The lady who checked us in at the MYCA Vanderbilt was really lovely.

We had seen enough pictures online to not be surprised by the size of the room when we entered. Yes it's really tiny. Yes it's the size of a closet. But two girls with two huge suitcases fitted into it, so all was well. Yes the rooms are old and it's showing, but you're in New York. You only going to be in your room when your eyes are closed.

The room! I so need a wide angle camera lens ;-)
Hallway to the rooms and the bathrooms
We had to share the bathroom with a lot of other people, but we only had to wait a few times for our turn and the bathrooms were pretty clean as well. There was a gym, but we didn't use that. We did enough walking without going to the gym.

Yes, there is enough room for all your shopping bags
The one downside was the fact that we had to walk a few block to get to the subway. I would have liked to be a bit closer. Apart from that, the location of the hostel was pretty good. Would I stay here again? If I'm still on a budget, definitely. If I can afford a fancy hotel, probably not.

September 12, 2014

Running Diaries / Running mojo

The Netherlands 2014
Somewhere during one of my morning runs. I haven't been running for ages. I totally lost my running mojo and I need it back asap.

September 10, 2014

Travel / One Day Trips

Leiden 2014
One day trips are cute. They're tiny, small and should be appreciated. Just hop in your car or on the train and just go away for the day. You can go shopping the whole day, visit a museum, go to the park, have an amazing dinner, walk around taking pictures. There are so many things you could do in a day. You can keep it really inexpensive and it gives you the feeling you've been on a tiny tiny holiday. Yesterday I went on a tiny tiny holiday myself. We went to a little town in Germany, but more on that later.

September 8, 2014

Photography / Leiden

Leiden 2014
We went on a little day trip to Leiden and visited the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities). The museum was pretty awesome for kids as well, my two little brothers really enjoyed themselves. I took this pictures just outside of the museum.

September 1, 2014

Photography / Homemade dinner

My mother made a delicious dinner, 2014

It's September and, as promised, I'm back! I would lie if I said that I have been thinking about my blog everyday for the last four weeks ;-) I did figure out what I want to do with my blog though, just before the start of September (I'm writing this on Sunday evening). I'm going to focus my blog on photography again just like I did before. I'm going to post pictures that I shot with my iPhone, my point & shoot camera and with my DSLR. I don't want to write about travelling when I'm not travelling myself. The moment I'll start travelling again, this is the place where you will see my pictures and read my stories first.
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