September 21, 2014

Review / Caribe Royale, Orlando

I love palm trees and there are plenty of palm trees at this hotel. The lobby is pretty big and there are lots of area's where you can sit. Which is especially convenient on the day you're leaving. You can use these area's while waiting for your taxi. The main reception building also has a game arcade, restaurant The Tropicale where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can buy food and snacks that you can take to your hotel room at Café Largo.

The main building where the reception is located
The hotel rooms are located in three separate towers. Our room is located in the second one. When we enter the hotel room, there is no bed in sight. There is a living room though. The next door opens with the bathroom to the right and the beds in sight. Two queen sized beds that is. I loved my bed! Our room gives us a great view of the swimming pool, the other two towers and the main building where the lobby is located. We have a pretty big TV, which I love for watching TV in the evening.

We arrived late at night (or at least it was late for us) so we both took a shower and ordered room service. The room service was pretty good. Especially the cupcake which was so huge I couldn't even finish it. That definitely says something.

Cute little side walk to the towers where the rooms are located

The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant The Tropicale. You could use the buffet or order from the menu. We ordered from the menu and it tasted awesome. I love American breakfast! The same night we had dinner there, but in my opinion there wasn't much choice. The things that were on the menu were not things I enjoyed (that's taste off course). The other night we got some food from Café Largo and brought in to the room with us. Sometimes you just want to eat your food while wearing your pyjama's.

The view from our room, the awesome swimming pool!
I loved the swimming pool. It's huge! There's also a waterslide and two whirlpools. The weather wasn't amazing, but it was good enough to check out this pool. You do definitely need a car or you have to rely on taxi's (which we did), because non of the main attractions in Orlando are near the hotel. I really like this hotel. It's really big, so you don't run into people very often. I can imagine going here for a week and doing absolutely nothing but sunbathing and eating ;-)
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