September 28, 2014

Review / New York New York, Las Vegas

I thought we were in Las Vegas, but it looks like we are in New York City. Just kidding, but the outside of the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas looks pretty good! To get to the check in desk, we had to get passed a few (!) slot machines. We were really in Vegas now.

Entry to the New York New York hotel
When we checked in late at night, we heard the magic words. "We are giving you a free upgrade because all the non smoking rooms are booked" We were tired and just wanted to go to our room, but this made us very happy. When we opened the door to our hotel room we were pleasantly surprised. The room was huge! We didn't really need all this space, but who were we to complain. There was a knock on the door. There was the guy with our bags. Quick quick find some money. I'm not used to tipping everybody, because normally I do everything myself.  Thank god, we found some money.

Inside the New York New York hotel
On to the room, we both had a queen sized bed. The one I'm dreaming of having at home. You know how they say that your own bed at home is the best, they're lying. These kind of hotel beds are better than the one I have at home. I never wanted to leave my bed, but hey we had some exploring to do. We weren't just in any city, we were in Las Vegas. But first we needed a good night sleep.

Outside the entry to the hotel
The view from our room!
The next morning we found out that we had a pretty awesome view of Vegas. Not your typical Vegas view, but awesome non the less. I have to say, I really liked our stay at this hotel. I have no complains whatsoever. The price was really good, for the pretty awesome room we got. They offer free WiFi, yes! There are lots of different restaurants and bars in the hotel and even a Starbucks. I know Las Vegas is not viewed as a dream destination, but I wouldn't mind making another cheeky trip to Sin City =)

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