September 14, 2014

Review / YMCA Vanderbilt, New York City

The last time I was in New York, I was there for a English Language course and I stayed in student dorms. Kind of a dream come true after watching to many American movies. This time I was there for fun and so we needed to find a hotel. The good ones are all expensive and the cheap ones are all... not that good (or at least the reviews online said so). So we searched for a cheap but good hotel / hostel.

The street where the hotel is located.

That was when we found YMCA Vanderbilt. We did some research and we came to the conclusion that it was good enough for the price we had to pay for it. So we booked our room, we booked our flights! The lady who checked us in at the MYCA Vanderbilt was really lovely.

We had seen enough pictures online to not be surprised by the size of the room when we entered. Yes it's really tiny. Yes it's the size of a closet. But two girls with two huge suitcases fitted into it, so all was well. Yes the rooms are old and it's showing, but you're in New York. You only going to be in your room when your eyes are closed.

The room! I so need a wide angle camera lens ;-)
Hallway to the rooms and the bathrooms
We had to share the bathroom with a lot of other people, but we only had to wait a few times for our turn and the bathrooms were pretty clean as well. There was a gym, but we didn't use that. We did enough walking without going to the gym.

Yes, there is enough room for all your shopping bags
The one downside was the fact that we had to walk a few block to get to the subway. I would have liked to be a bit closer. Apart from that, the location of the hostel was pretty good. Would I stay here again? If I'm still on a budget, definitely. If I can afford a fancy hotel, probably not.
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