September 17, 2014

Travel / Day Trip to Kleve, Germany

Kleve, Germany 2014
Like I said last week, I went on a tiny holiday myself. We went to a little town in Germany, called Kleve. The drive there is only a little over an hour, so it's not too long. This was the second time we were there. So what did we do while we were there. I love going to supermarkets in other countries, because there are so many different things than at the supermarkets back home. Next to that, there are a lot of things that are cheaper in Germany than they're in The Netherlands. We went to Kaufland. For beauty shopping I prefer the USA, but Germany is pretty cool as well. A lot of beauty and body care products are cheaper than in The Netherlands. We went to DM. After doing all our shopping we went to the city centre and walked around for a bit (I didn't do anymore shopping there). We ended the day with a super healthy meal at McDonald's.
Don't forget to go on little day trips yourself from time to time!
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