October 5, 2014

Review / Hotel Beresford, San Francisco

Street where the hotel is located
The first time I opened the door to our hotel room, my thoughts weren't really that positive. That was probably because the room in Vegas we had been staying in the previous nights was three times the size of this one. After a little bit of adjusting, I have to admit the room was pretty decent.

Diner close to the hotel, great place for breakfast
Yes the room was small and yes the bathroom was small as well, but the room was clean and the hotel was really close to Union Square. There was no WiFi in the room, which was a big downside for me. I don't need a 24/7 WiFi connection when I'm abroad, but I like to check my email and upload some pictures to Instagram of Facebook at the end of the day. Now we had to sit in the common rood on the ground floor, along with all the other people that would have liked to have WiFi in their room.

The outside of the hotel
There was one other downside. The window in our room faced another building (which was really close) and one night some kind of alarm went of in that building. It was really weird. The lights in a few rooms kept going on and of, but nobody was there. It wasn't a fire alarm, because it only happened in a few rooms. Off course this could have been a one time occurrence (let's hope so).

All and all it was a pretty decent hotel for a good price, close to Union Square and the general shopping area. If I ever visit San Francisco again, I would probably try out another hotel.

Street where the hotel is located


  1. Just throwing this out there, but the whole lights on and off thing- maybe the hotel was haunted? haha, don't know if you believe in stuff like that- I kinda do and kinda don't...not sure. But anyway, I hear a lot of hauntings in San Francisco because of the whole gold rush thing and all that. Quite interesting to think about, actually. :)

    I also dislike when rooms don't have Wifi...I definitely like to unwind at the end of the day with instagram or a few blogs.

  2. <3
    I'm so glad that this post exists. I couldn't help but laugh as I read it because it reminded me so much of my first visit to San Francisco. My first impression wasn't that great (because of our hotel) but I ended up falling in love with the city and I lived there for two years. Now I'm in France, but I think about San Francisco everyday. Thank you very much for the lovely photos and making me feel less homesick :)



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