October 29, 2014

Travel / London Day 1 - Part 1

London 2014
I was super duper busy the few days before leaving for London. I barely had any time to pack, which was totally in line with how prepared I was for this trip. Which was not at all. Off course everything turned out just fine and on Thursday morning we were in the car right on time. My mum dropped me off at the train station (I will pretend that we didn't get pulled over by the police because apparently I was wearing my seatbelt all wrong & I'll ignore the fact that the NS scared me a bit by cancelling a few trains, luckily not mine) and I arrived just a few minutes late at Schiphol Airport. I passed passport control and headed straight to Starbucks to get my tea (vacation ritual). I walked to my gate and planned to sit there and drink my tea. Which was ruined by the fact that I had to get through security to get to my gate (which means no liquids, which means to tea). I drank my tea while sitting on the floor instead on a comfortable chair. I got through security and took a seat while waiting for my flight to board (without any tea).
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