October 1, 2014

Travel / Tourist VS Traveller

Kleve, Germany 2014
A while back I read an article about why it's OK to be a tourist. About being a tourist or a traveller. When are you one or the other? My (humble) opinion about this is that I think that everyone should do whatever they want. You want to lie on the beach all day (week, month), do it! You want to visit only the touristy places in a city, do it! You want to go on a all-inclusive vacation, do it! You want to avoid all the touristy places and pretend that you are a local, do it! Just do whatever you want and what makes you happy. What am I? I'm in the middle between being a tourist and a traveller. And I think that at the moment I'm leaning a bit more towards the tourist side, but I'm OK with that =) I just want to see the world.
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