November 2, 2014

Travel / London Day 1 - Part 2

London 2014
The flight from Amsterdam to London takes about an hour. I only had hand luggage so it takes me no time at all to get to the London Underground. I get so excited in tube, heading closer and closer to central London. At Green Park I need to get from the Picadilly line to the Jubilee line to get to my hostel. I get of at Swiss Cottage and walk straight to the Palmer's Lodge Swiss Cottage hostel in about 5 minutes (see no preparation and everything turns out all right). I share my room with about 20 other people (my review about Palmer's Lodge will up soon). I freshen up a bit, put all my stuff into my locker and head back out into London again. I hop back on the tube and and head to Westminster tube station. With all my camera's in my backpack, I plan on taking some pictures. The Big Ben, The House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey. I cross the bridge and take picture of the London Eye. I walk al along the South Bank all the way to the Millennium Bridge. I cross the bridge and walk around St Paul's Cathedral, taking pictures. I get my first pounds out of the ATM machine and head to Marks & Spencer to get some food, drinks and snacks. Back at the hostel I eat my dinner and head to the common room where the wifi connection is better. I end my day writing, talking to people back home and drinking some tea. All in all a good first day in London.
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