November 9, 2014

Travel / London Day 3

Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2014
Third day in London already! I have breakfast in the hostel again. Next stop is the Victoria & Albert museum. It's free (you can donate though) and supposed to be pretty awesome. The building itself is absolutely gorgeous (my writer mind makes up 100 possible stories that could take place there).  I visit the fashion and modern part of the museum. In between I admire the hallways and the ceilings which are beautiful. When I got out of the museum I walked around a bit in the area. I saw the Royal Collage of Music and the Royal Albert Hall. Off course I took lot of pictures. Than I walk all the way to Harrods alongside Kensington Gardens. I admired all the beautiful Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags at Harrods (one day!) and I got a hot chocolate at Starbucks. I hopped back on the tube again and went to Paddington station and had lunch at Garfunkels (I had an omelette and fries, yum!). After lunch I went to New Bond Street, to go to Victoria's Secret. I was on the hunt for a phone case for a friend, but they didn't have any. And holy moly it was so busy in there! Quickly I got out of there and headed to Marble Arch and Hyde Park. And the last stop for the day was Abbey Road (which was pretty close to the hostel). My father is a huge Beatles fan, so had to go there and check it out. I always thought it was a quiet street, but no. Just a regular street, but with a lot of people crossing the road every few seconds. That was it for the third day. I got back to the hostel, had an amazing dinner (two sandwiches) and headed to the common rood for my evening tea.
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