November 12, 2014

Travel / London Day 4

Camden, London 2014
Just like the other days, I have breakfast in the hostel (I love the option of having breakfast at the hotel or hostel you're staying at. It saves you the trouble of finding something in the area, before starting your day). I have two croissants with butter, tea and orange juice (oh and a egg because it's Sunday). Today I go to King's Cross station, looking for the place I would have liked to go to when I was 11 years old. Platform 9 3/4. Crazy enough, I'm not the only one who wants to go to Hogwarts. From the King's Cross station I walk all the way to Camden (I'm crazy enough to do that). I LOVE Camden! It was quite busy, I really really liked it though. There was a create atmosphere and it's such a great place to browse around. I loved the part with all the different food stalls (I got me some paella and a bubble tea). Awesome place to score some sunglasses or t-shirts. Off course I took loads of pictures. With my bubble tea in hand, I took the underground and overground to go to Shoreditch. As it was still Sunday, it was crazy busy here as well (there was a flower market on Columbia Road and the whole of London was there to get some flowers). I was on Bricklane for about two seconds, when I gave up because it was so busy (Camden en Shoreditch definitely go on my list for another time - on any other day than the weekend). I went back to the hostel for an hour, to relax for a bit. Next stop was Notting hill. I took some pictures of some pretty pastel houses (like you do in Notting Hill). Than I took a long tube ride to the Tower Bridge (luckily I brought a book - I heart Las Vegas - with me!). I took some pictures of the Tower Bridge and the Thames at sunset. I popped back on the tube again to get some food, but Waitrose and Marks & Spencer were closed. Closed! At 7 pm! In London! Luckily Subway saved my life. Oh and off course: Common room, wifi and a nice cup of tea.
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