December 3, 2014

Travel / Camera Gear on a City Trip

London. 2014
I just did a blogpost about what camera to take with you on a city trip a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write another one. This is how I used 'all' my camera's when I was in London two months ago.
When I went out for a 'photography' day, I brought all my gear, but used my DSLR the most. It's fun experimenting with your camera and all the different things that a city has to photograph. When I went on a more shopping (Oxford Street, Fifth Avenue) kind of day, I only brought my point & shoot camera. I didn't want to leave my hostel without a camera (you never know what you might come across), but I didn't want to carry all that weight around. The camera on my iPhone I used for everything and nothing. It's always in my bag (or hand), so when I feel like taking a picture with my iPhone, I do. Sometimes I just feel like I want to have a certain picture on Instagram or on my Facebook page (without importing everything from my camera).

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  1. I'm the same way...I always have some kind of camera with me, especially my phone and often my point and shoot. I wish I could take my DSLR everywhere though because the quality is unbeatable. I'm trying to take it as much as I can but sometimes it's just too tiring to be carrying all that weight. I wish I knew of a camera that took DSLR quality photos in a point and shoot size.


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