January 12, 2015

Food & Drinks / Clean for a day

Made banana bread for the first time! =)

I wanted to start of the new year well and downloaded an e-book 'Slimming Body Guide'. It's full of healthy recipes, clean food ideas and work-out schedules. It's 12 week 'program', but of course it's supposed to change your whole lifestyle. Healthy and clean basically means no potatoes (my favourite), no pasta (my ultimate favourite) and no bread (yes another favourite). I managed for three days, but after the first day I had already decided that totally clean eating was not for me. I'm all about being healthy, but I want my pasta! So I decided to keep on eating healthy (no sugary drinks, no chocolate, no candy, no cookies), to keep on doing the work-outs, but to put potatoes, pasta and bread back on my menu. I just started a week ago, so I still have a long way to go =)

Our you guys eating healthy and/or clean?
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