January 11, 2015

Life / 15 things I want to do in 2015

I have all my 'serious' new year's resolutions, but I want some 'fun' ones as well. So here it goes, the 15 things I want to do in 2015.
  1. Run a 16K race
  2. Go snowboarding / skiing
  3. Do a photography project
  4. Read all the books I got for Christmas
  5. Change at least 5 things in my room
  6. Run a halve marathon
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Go to a concert
  9. Go to a music festival
  10. Run somewhere I've never run before
  11. Discover five new artists
  12. Cut my long hair short
  13. Go hiking
  14. Finish the story I started writing in 2014
  15. Try my hand at illustrating
What are the fifteen things you want to do in 2015? =)
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