February 11, 2015

Food & Drinks / Failed Coconut Balls

I like baking, but I'm not really the innovative type in the kitchen. I just follow the recipe and hope everything turns out OK. In the 'past' I didn't want to do too much baking, because well who was going to eat it all? Now that I'm on my healthy journey, I've discovered 'healthy baking'. Apparently you can bake things, eat them all (in moderation) without adding all that extra weight. I started out with making banana bread, which turned out pretty good (if I say so myself). After the banana bread, I tried my hand at making coconut balls. Those turned out not so great (as in really dry). Next time I'm making them, I'm adding an extra banana. I love finding all these new recipes and making them! Interested in one of these recipes? Google them! They're all over the internet. 

What's your favourite 'healthy' recipe?
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