March 30, 2015

Photography / Faces IV

*with project Faces comes no explanation about the picture, to keep it just about the picture

March 29, 2015

Food & Drinks / Brunch Ideas

I'll have to admit, I like these small pictures. They look so cute! =) I have to make more posts like this. Anyway, about two weeks ago we had a Sunday brunch and this is a selection of the food we prepared (and ate). We celebrated my grandma's and my birthday. We tried to have a balance of healthy and unhealthy food (I did not photograph the chocolate Easter eggs we had).

March 27, 2015

Photography / The Hague Part III

Last but not least, part III of the pictures I took when I was in The Hague. Look at this pretty ceiling! I only took one picture, because I was distracted by all the pretty things in the Apple store. The building on the second picture reminds me a little bit of a building in Madrid =)


March 25, 2015

Life / On my way

Took some snaps at the train station. We had dinner at Hudson and I wanted to snap some picture there as well, but my phone and my camera were in my bag and I kind of forgot. Oh well, I don't mind going back there for another dinner. I'm not really a meat-eating-person, but these burgers were really good. And there were some more desserts on the menu that I wanted to try out (this time I went for the 5 mini doughnuts, next time I'll probably go for the cheesecake).

March 23, 2015

Photography / Random Snapshots I

Here are just some random snapshots I took lately. I especially like the little stars, they are so cute! =)

March 22, 2015

Instagram Snaps II

I liked the idea of combining some Instagram pictures I've been taking lately.
Today's theme: Nature
Going for a walk in the forest / Same forest / Pretty sunrise during one of my runs / I love sunny morning runs / At night from the attic / Beautiful canal that I cross when I am going for a run / Sunrise from the train / Going for another walk in the forest / Sunrise from my room

March 21, 2015

News / Moving House

Not a real house though, but a internet house. I finally decided to buy my own domain name (& hosting). I felt comfortable enough blogging from (a free) Blogger profile for more than two years now and I didn't want to spend to much on it. For 2015 one of my goals was to have a 'just do it' moment every month. Buying myself a domain name was my 'just do it' moment for March (maybe I'll write a blogpost about my other 'just do it' moments). Bloglovin is moving all my followers, so if you already follow my blog you'll probably won't notice anything. If you're new here, please follow my blog via


March 20, 2015

Food & Drinks / KitKat + M&M's Cake

What have we learned:
  • Next time we need smaller KitKat's or a higher cake
  • Don't eat any KitKat's before you know for sure that you have enough
  • An extra bag of M&M's wouldn't hurt either
  • That this cake tastes really good
  • A cake platter will come in handy as well
  • Baking is so much fun and should be done as often as possible

March 18, 2015

Photography / The Hague Part II

So here is part II of the picture I took when I was in The Hague. These pictures were taken at the Binnenhof (that houses the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, among other things) and the Hofvijver. I've never been here before and I didn't know the surroundings were so pretty, especially on a sunny day as this.


March 16, 2015

Photography / Light Reading

Doing some light reading. Just kidding. These kind of books are not light reading material and I'm not reading them. I've got enough books from this century that I want to read first. Btw I like how in the first picture, all the light seems to be hiding behind the book =) Can you see it?

March 15, 2015

Books / Reading: Love/Hate

I love reading! I know that, everybody knows that. When you say Aimee, you say books. When you say books, you say Aimee. It's weird though because I'm not reading all the time. Days, weeks (even months, ssst) can go by without me reading. Why? I still say I love reading. Can you love something that much without actually doing it that much? When I think about it, I think you can. For example, I love to travel but I don't have the money to travel that often. So last year I only travelled once for five days. That doesn't mean I love it any less. Maybe I should just force myself once in a while to sit down and just read. Make it a habit.

Do you have things that you love very much, but don't do that often?

March 13, 2015

Photography / Amsterdam at Night

Here are some more picture I took the last time I was in Amsterdam. How pretty are all those lights. I love walking the city when it's dark! I've never taken pictures in the dark that turned out as good as these ones did. Yay! =)

March 11, 2015

Photography / Decoration Pieces

Two of my most favourite decoration pieces that I have in my room. The first one is some kind of vase, but most of the time there is nothing inside of it (only around Christmas time, I fill it up with something Christmassy). The second one is a (small) candle holder. It's really pretty because it's a bit see through, which gives a really cool effect when you light the candle.
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