March 2, 2015

Books / This or that Tag

Audio or Book in Hand?
Book in hand

Soft Cover or Hardback?
Soft cover
Fiction or Non-Fiction?
I prefer fiction
Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
I like Twilight, but definitely Harry Potter
Kindle, iPad or Other?

Borrow or Buy? 
I want to own all the books I read =)

Bookstore or Online?
I love browsing a bookstore, but I buy most of my books online

Tell Me One Time or Total Trilogy?

Monster Read or Short and Sweet?
Somewhere in between...

Starry-Eyed Romance or Full of Action?
Romance for sure

Curl Up in Your Snuggie or Bathe in the Sun?
Curl up in my onesie

Hot Chocolate or Latte?
<3 hot chocolate

Read the Review or Decide for Yourself?
Decide for myself
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