February 11, 2016


I'm back! Let me explain to you (if someone is even reading this and if not I'll just talk - type - to myself for a bit) where I've been. Last year, I think it was in February, I bought my own domain name and hosting. I moved my blog from Blogger to my self hosted Wordpress blog. I liked the idea having a more professional looking link to my blog. But as I was posting a lot of photographs, I had to find external hosting for all my photographs because of the space. I used a website to upload my photographs, but I couldn't organize them the way I wanted to. Being the organized person that I am, that irritated me. I stopped posting my photographs and after a while I stopped taking photographs all together. You could say I was in a kind of photography slump. 

So what did I do just now? I cancelled my hosting, but kept my domain name. Now my domain name is linked to my Blogger account. So now I can use Blogger for all things blogging related, but you can still visit my website through my very professional looking link: www.justaimee.com! =) I'm planning on posting all of the post that I posted after moving to my own domain name, that are not on my Blogger account. After that I'm planning on going back to blogging. I want to post my photographs again and maybe do some more writing.
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