/ Aimee
    ★ I am Aimee, a twenty-something year old from The Netherlands
    ★ I like to take pictures
    ★ I love to travel around the world
    ★ I am obsessed with stationary
    ★ I enjoy reading books
    ★ I am a runner
    ★ I love to create (pretty) things
    ★ I like going to the cinema
    ★ I am obsessed with New York City
    ★ I love Oreo cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and doughnuts

/ justAimee

★ I love photography. So you will see me posting pictures that I take. No I'm not a professional, but I like sharing my pictures with you. Hoping to become a better picture-taker.

★ I love creating (pretty) things. So you will see me posting some of the things I created. I hope you'll like them =)

★ I love life. So you will see me posting about (my) life. Maybe some of the food I'm eating. Maybe my 'Running Diaries'. Maybe some other random things.
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